RIG Chair Resources


Thank you for volunteering to serve as a RIG Chair, Chair-Elect, or Past-Chair.  We know how busy MNRS members are and appreciate the time and attention you give to serving MNRS.  We hope this page provides all the resources and necessary information RIG Chairs will need including an overview of the role, the responsibilities that come with leading a RIG, and communication strategies. However, if you have additional questions, concerns, or needs, please be sure to contact the Executive Office at 615-432-0098 or


RIG Chair Resources:

Research Interest Group Handbook
RIG Annual Meeting Report Form
RIG Chair Orientation
RIG Chair Orientation Resource Document Here
RIG Symposia & Awards Timeline for 2020-2021
RIG Website Navigation Guide


RIG Guaranteed Symposia Schedule:


Acute & Critical Care
Translational Science
Family Health
Gerontological Nursing Science
Nursing Education
Symptom Science


Health Promoting Behaviors Across the Lifespan
Palliative and End of Life Care
Physiology Behavior Genomics & Society
Population Health
Research thru Academic-Clinical Partnerships
Women’s Health Transitions in Childbearing


Adolescent Health
Decision Making
Health of Diverse Populations
Health Systems Policy and Informatics
Qualitative Methods