Honor a Researcher

The MNRS Honor a Researcher program was established to give MNRS members and others an opportunity to honor their research colleagues for outstanding endeavors related to research. This program acknowledges that there are many research and research-related accomplishments that never receive national awards yet are vital to the building of nursing's knowledge base. In addition, there are many locally and regionally valued researchers who likewise are not properly recognized. This program provides a means of honoring and praising those among us who deserve to be recognized.

Donors have the option to choose from three categories for honoring early career researchers, senior researchers, and accomplishments. Accomplishments include but are not limited to an ongoing program of research, receipt and/or completion of a research project or program, completion of an outstanding publication, and gratitude toward a mentor or colleague. Donors have the option to choose from the two award amounts, $100 and $250.


Lorraine Robbins, PhD, RN, FAAN
Michigan State University

CLICK HERE to watch the video of Dr. Robbins' nominators acknowledging her impact.


Nominated by:  Jiying Ling



Julia Snethen, PhD, RN
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

CLICK HERE to watch the video of Dr. Snethen's nominators acknowledging her impact.


Nominated by:  April Yerges, Martin Mikell, Eileen Sherburne, Pam Treisman

Sandra Eggenberger, PhD, RN
Minnesota State University - MankatoNominated by:  Sonja Meiers
Kathleen Knafl, PhD, RN, FAAN
University of North Carolina - Chapel HillNominated by:  Sonja Meiers
Karen Pridham, PhD, FAAN
University of Wisconsin - MadisonNominated by: MNRS Members


Past Honored Research Recipients

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