The MNRS Mentorship Program: Guiding Your Path to Excellence in Nursing Research

About the MNRS Mentorship Program


MNRS is very excited to introduce a new mentorship initiative. The MNRS Mentorship Program offers a supportive network with personalized 1:1 matching to seasoned experts in Nursing Research. We match mentors whose expertise aligns with your overall goal of the mentee, ensuring a tailored approach to your journey. Whether you're looking for career guidance, research assistance, or a way to give back to the community, this program has something for everyone.

Mentee Role

As a mentee, you'll have the opportunity to glean insights from seasoned professionals, expand your skillset, and accelerate your personal and professional development. Your role as a mentee involves actively seeking advice, being receptive to feedback, and setting and working towards achievable goals. Embracing the role of a mentee not only enriches your own journey but also contributes to fostering a culture of continuous learning and collaboration within the MNRS community.

Mentor Role

As a mentor, you'll be entrusted with guiding individuals on their journey toward success, offering valuable insights, encouragement, and support every step of the way. Your commitment to mentorship involves actively engaging with mentees, providing constructive feedback, sharing your knowledge and experiences, and serving as a source of inspiration and motivation. By investing your time and expertise, you contribute to building a thriving community of learners, where mentorship becomes a catalyst for personal and professional advancement.

More Information

  1. 1-year commitment.
  2. Apply to be a mentor, mentee, or both!
  3. Offering Career and/or Research-based mentoring.
  4. Connect virtually throughout the year and in person at the MNRS Annual Research Conference.
  5. Set your own schedule based on your needs.
  6. Must be an MNRS member.
  7. Professional development for both mentors and mentees.
  8. Take the next step in investing in your future by completing an application now!

Please email us if you have questions or are interested in becoming a mentor or mentee.