Engagement with MNRS to Advance Implementation of Nursing Science<br />
“Breaking Down the Barriers to Evidence-Based Practice”

Why Engage with MNRS?

  • Direct access to science.
  • Connection to researchers and the production process.
  • First-hand exposure to research translation.
  • Access to publications.
  • Collaboration, engagement, and training from experienced nursing scientists.

Partnership Opportunities

  • Hosting an MNRS Annual Conference special session or a guaranteed symposium to showcase the joint initiatives.
  • Placing one of your members on the Program Planning Committee for future MNRS conferences.
  • Joint authorship in the Western Journal of Nursing Research and other nursing practitioner journals.
  • Implementation & Translational Science RIIG programming and webinars.
  • Collaborative DNP/PhD webinars.
  • Participation of clinicians in MNRS activities and programs.
  • Invite your members to work with the MNRS External Relations/Dissemination Committee.
  • Sharing of resources to communicate opportunities, invitations, and collaborations.
  • Provide a venue to disseminate conferences, products, and events.
  • Organization promotion on the MNRS website and to membership.
  • Named Grant with MNRS foundation.
  • Letters of support for Research and Grant Applications.

MNRS is actively looking for cross-beneficial partnerships where our members can come together with other like-minded organizations. A fruitful relationship that brings awareness to each membership base the value of collaboration and engagement to aid in the advancement of science implementation.

What is driving MNRS to seek mutually beneficial partnerships?

A significant focus of our new 2023-2026 Strategic Plan is to Enhance the dissemination of research findings to transform healthcare practices and improve population health equity. We are specifically tasked to:

    • Grow and sustain interactive engagement of educational, scientific, practice, and advocacy partners from other healthcare organizations.
    • Pilot and evaluate new opportunities for the efficient dissemination or implementation of new nursing knowledge with an emphasis on health equity.
    • Promote outreach and dissemination to increase awareness and accessibility of MNRS as a model and source of nursing research excellence.

Examples of Our Efforts in This Area

DNP-related sessions at recent conferences:

  • The Critical Importance of Nursing Science and Implementation in a New Era
  • Leveraging Digital Health Data to Advance Health Science, Improve Clinical Outcomes, and Inform Policy Decisions

Webinars Led by DNPs & PhDs:

  • Doubling Down: Benefits of a DNP & PhD Collaboration
  • Implementing Evidence-Based Practice
  • Speeding Translation of Research Into Real-World Settings

WJNR Publications:

  • DNP-PhD Collaboration in NINR-Funded Physical Activity Trials: A Series of Case Studies
  • PhD–DNP Collaborations Can Support Implementation Science
  • Leadership as a Facilitator of Evidence Implementation by Nurse Managers: A Metasynthesis