Step into the Mission

Help fund the 'Step-Up Grant'

2024 Fund the Mission Walk-a-Thon - February 29 & March 1

The MNRS Foundation is pleased to host a walk-a-thon at the 2024 MNRS Annual Research Conference. Proceeds from the event will support a scientific research opportunity for MNRS members  -- The Step-Up Grant!

The "Fund the Mission Walk-A-Thon" will include teams of five (5) participants to walk together. Thanks to the MNRS Board of Directors for providing the prizes.

Need a team? We've got you covered. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today!

(Download the complete details here)


How do I register?

Everyone will sign up individually via the conference registration portal. The cost is $15 per walker. You can create your own team if you want, and in January 2024, we will send a link to collect your team name, members, and info. (Click HERE to Register)

Do I need a team to participate?

No, you do not need a team to join the fun! The Executive Office will place individuals on a team and connect you before the conference. It's a great opportunity to meet others and make new connections!

If you do apply with a team in mind, please note that teams are limited to 5 members. Be sure to come up with a team name so you can challenge others!

Are there prizes?

Yes! Winners receive a discount on the 2025 conference registration!

  • 1st place team receives $100 off each
  • 2nd place team receives $75 off each
  • 3rd place team receives $50 off each

How do we track steps?

You will track your steps using an approved app on your smartphone or watch. At the close of the walking period, you will submit your total steps via a link provided by the Executive Office.

Why should I walk?

Your registration fee of $15 will go toward funding the New 'Step-Up' Grant!