RIIG Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a Research Section and a RIIG?
RIIG stands for Research & Implementation Interest Group and is commonly used verbally when discussing Research Sections; They are one in the same.

Do I have to join a RIIG to be an MNRS member?
No. RIIGs are optional but all MNRS members receive one complimentary RIIG membership and the opportunity to join two more for $10 each.  We encourage all MNRS members to get involved.

What if I am not part of a RIIG and want to join?
To join a RIIG simply complete the RIIG Request Survey.  If you are renewing your membership or would like to make a RIIG change, please email

How much is it to join a RIIG?
All MNRS members receive one complimentary RIIG as a member benefit.  Additionally, members may join two additional RIIG for $10 each.

How long are RIIG memberships?
RIIGs are tied to your membership period. You will need to renew your RIIG annually when you renew your MNRS Membership. This will be one of the options when renewing online.

Can you publish your Research Briefs on the website?
Due to copyright issues, you may not host your research on the MNRS website, but you may outline the work being done. MNRS RIIG Snapshots can be posted to the website to outline research being done by members of your RIIG.

Are there any other options for symposium if it is not my section's scheduled year?
In addition to Guaranteed Symposia, all members have the option to submit a competitive symposium. More details on page 9 of the RIIG Handbook.

Can we have a conference call?
RIGs are allotted 2 conference calls per year. Scheduling calls will be the Chair's responsibility. MNRS Staff should be notified of the call date and time two weeks prior the call. Staff will provide a call in number and code.

Do you additional questions?
Please feel free to contact the MNRS Executive Office at 615.432.0098 or with additional questions not covered in this FAQ.