The Midwest Nursing Research Society relies on the generosity of the members serving as volunteers. It is only through this dedication of time and expertise that MNRS can meet its mission, "to advance science, transform practice and enhance careers through a network of scholars."

MNRS would like to thank the many volunteers who make MNRS what it is today. It is greatly appreciated!

If you are interested in becoming a member of one of our committees, please complete the volunteer survey with your committee interest, your CV and/or NIH Biosketch, and a brief paragraph noting any past experience serving on committees. Terms are 2 years and run May 1 through April 30.


The Board of Directors directs the association based on the overall mission of MNRS and updates and approves strategic plans, and develops and approves policies and procedures. The Board exercises fiduciary responsibility by ensuring that MNRS finances are properly managed and by approving responsible budgets, as well as, overseeing MNRS programs to assure that committee objectives are being achieved, approving committee chairs and committee chairs' recommendations for committee members and retaining professional management, legal counsel, and independent auditor. They also conduct meetings that are open to all members to attend, except as otherwise announced. Additionally, they assists during membership recruitment and retention, delegates the day-to-day management of the association to volunteer committees and staff, and adheres to the financial policies set forth under the General Finance section of the MNRS Policies and Procedures Manual.


The Executive Committee is responsible for interim supervision of routine matters that arise between board Meetings. The committee oversees the financial management of the association. They develop short and long term financial plans for the association, as well as, review the preliminary budget developed by staff and makes the appropriate adjustments to reflect program priorities established by the board in the strategic plan prior to the June Board meeting. The Executive Committee reviews the investment policy approved by the full board to ensure that it supports the financial goals of the association and makes recommendations for changes when necessary.



The role of this committee is to develop programs to engage members in career growth, education networking, leadership and collaboration. The group is charged with making interactive and engaging activities for the membership that are in alignment with the MNRS mission, to advance science, transform practice, and enhance careers through a network of scholars. 

Areas of  focus under the committee include:

All these roles aim to increase the local, regional, national, and international membership and visibility of MNRS and its programs and nursing science.

The group promotes collaboration; inclusivity of nurse research and practice roles; and generation and application of new knowledge. The work group is charged with making recommendations for the development of best practices to ensure collaboration, inclusivity, and innovation in alignment with the MNRS mission, to advance science, transform practice, and enhance careers through a network of scholars.

The group organizes Webinars, member activities, and more. The group works to recruit and retain members, foster member diversity, enhance and promote member benefits, and facilitate a meaningful orientation to the society. The group strives to enhance and promote member benefits, and facilitate a meaningful orientation to the society. 

Research & Implementation Interest Groups (RIIGs)
The group is charged with assisting RIIG chairs, curating materials for RIIG leadership, promoting RIIG activities, and organizing webinars by RIIGs.

Retirees/MNRS Alumni (NEW) - Details Coming Soon

Dean, Associate Deans, & Directors (NEW) - Details Coming Soon

Mid-Career (NEW) - Details Coming Soon

Mentorship Program (NEW) - Details Coming Soon

Educational Programs (NEW) - Details Coming Soon



It is the responsibility of the committee to secure candidates for the ballot and present a slate of qualified, diverse candidates to the board for approval and to the membership for a vote. The committee members shall consider the specific discussions related to potential nominees to be confidential. Committee members are prohibited from disclosing potential and final nominees to the membership. The committee will conduct its business via meetings, conference calls, email, mail or fax as deemed necessary by the committee chair. Copies of all committee action notes, minutes and final correspondence to potential nominees will be forwarded to and retained at the MNRS office. All such documents or communications are strictly confidential.


This committee is tasked with reviewing financial reports, budgets, and investment strategies, and providing recommendations to the MNRS Board. The MNRS Treasurer will Chair the Committee and the Foundation Secretary/Treasurer will serve as Co-Chair. Other positions include two Members-at-Large (2-year term, staggered) and ESN Student Representative (1-year term).

It is preferred that those applying for the Member-at-Large positions have previous financial experience (i.e. served on another Finance Committee or as Treasurer of another organization). The ESN Student Representative must be a member of the ESN Committee.


The Program Planning Committee develops the conference theme for approval by the Board of Directors, as well as the goals and related topics for keynote speakers. The committee reviews evaluations from previous years to identify strengths and address areas in need of improvement, and revises the evaluation process. The group structures and organizes the annual conference schedule. Additionally, the group reviews and approves artwork/logos for conference proceedings and promotional materials for the annual conference. The Program Planning Committee will develop additional subcommittees as needed to complete the work of the PPC.



The Emerging Scholars Network represents members of MNRS who are students, post-doctoral fellows, or an early career professional within 3 years of graduation. ESN members serve on selected MNRS committees with the intent of better integrating these members into the organization. Check out the ESN webpage for more details!


The Student Poster Committee reviews student abstracts, establishes a cut-off for those posters to be reviewed on-site at the MNRS Annual Meeting, and participates in the on-site judging of student posters.



The Awards Committee is responsible for the reviewing of nominations for all awards, making recommendations to the Board of Directors for recipients of all awards, including the Distinguished Contribution to Research Award, Lifetime Achievement Award, Harriet H. Werley New Investigator Award, and Distinguished Service Award. The Awards Committee is composed of previous awardees. If you are interested in serving on this committee, please email the MNRS at info@mnrs.org.



Provides peer review of grant proposals submitted for MNRS sponsored and co-sponsored research grants. Reviewers are required to have an earned doctoral degree.



The WJNR Editorial Board will advise the Editor regarding the Journal, review submissions for the MNRS/Sage Best Paper Awards and select annual recipient(s). The Board will provide support to Sage Publications related to the involvement of MNRS in the publication of the WJNR