Research thru Academic-Clinical Partnerships


The purpose of the Research thru Academic-Clinical Partnerships RIG is to build regional collaboratives and MNRS resources that will facilitate the start-up, conduct, translation and dissemination of nursing research and evidence-based practices (EBP).

Who Should Join?

MNRS members interested in examining ways to promote partnerships between academic schools/colleges of nursing and clinical partners.

RIG Communication

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Meet the RIG Leadership 2019 – 2020


Inga Zadvinskis, PhD, RN
Assistant Director Fuld Evidence Based Practice Clearinghouse, The Ohio State University

Past Chair

Tomisin Olayinka, PhD, RN, MPH
Research Nurse, Case Western Reserve

Grant Representative

David Woodruff, PhD, APRN, CNE, CCRN-K, FNAP
Faculty Development Specialist, Chamberlain University

Grant Representative

Patricia Sharpnack, DNP, RN, CNE, NEA-BC, ANEF
Dean and Strawbridge Professor, Ursuline College

Grant Representative

Esther Chipps, PhD, RN, NEA-BC
Associate Professor of Clinical Nursing, Ohio State University Medical Center

Grant Representative

Debbie Bomgaars, PhD, RN
Professor and Director of Nursing Program, Dordt College

Grant Representative

Cheryl Lefaiver, PhD, RN, CCRP
Director, Advocate Center for Pediatric Research

2019-2020 RIG Awards

The Research thru Academic-Clinical Partnerships RIG is proud to announce the following award opportunities to the RIG membership:

Please be sure to attend the RIG meeting at the 2020 Annual Research Conference to learn more about the award recipients. 

2018-2019 RIG Awards


Research Thru Academic-Clinical Partnerships:
Outstanding Partnership Award
Joan Kavanagh, PhD, MSN, RN
Cleveland Clinic

Research Thru Academic-Clinical Partnerships:
Outstanding Partnership Award
Patricia A Sharpnack, DNP, RN, CNE, NEA-BC
Ursuline College

RIG  Member Publications

Please be sure to see the recent manuscript published in the Journal of Nursing Administration (JONA).

  • Albert, N. M., Chipps, E., Falkenberg Olson, A. C., Hand, L. L., Harmon, M., Heitschmidt, M. G., . . . Wood, T. (2019). Fostering academic-clinical research partnerships. JONA: The Journal of Nursing Administration, 49(5), 234-241.     doi:10.1097/nna.0000000000000744


* The full list of authors include:

Nancy M. Albert, PhD, RN, CCNA, NE-BC
Esther Chipps, PhD, RN, NEA-BC
Ann C. Falkenberg Olson, PhD, RN, FNP-BC, WHNP-BC
Linda Liu Hand, PhD
Michelle Harmon, PhD, RN
Mary Heitschmidt, PhD, RN, APN, CCRN
Colleen J. Klein, PhD, APRN, FNP-BC
Cheryl Lefaiver, PhD, RN, CCRP
Teresa Wood, PhD, RN, NEA-BC


Overall/Long Term Goals

  • Continue descriptive nursing research study.  Pursue MNRS permission to use contact list to invite ALL MNRS members to participate.
  • Subcommittee will develop a discussion format for clinical/institutional and academic student DNP projects.  This format will be included in 2018-19 RIG telephone conference meetings.
  • The “Partnership Definition” subcommittee will continue its work during this next year and will report during telephone conference meetings
  • To build or strengthen roles in non-academic centers for nurse scientists; to facilitate: translation of EBP; mechanisms to sustain EBP into clinical/practice settings; and conduct of research focused on how to quickly accelerate the translation of research findings into real world settings.
  • To assist MNRS to advance the “future of nursing” based on IOM report’s research mission.
  • To enhance and maximize collaboration between academia and clinical nurse scientists; clinical/academic nurse scientists from multiple sites; nurse scientists with interdisciplinary healthcare providers/specialists and nurse scientists with corporate sponsors; etc. to enrich research results and assist in more generalizable research findings.

RIG Minutes/Meeting Summary

If you were unable to attend the past RIG meetings, please CLICK HERE to read copies of the meeting minutes.

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If you are interested in learning more about the Research thru Academic-Clinical Partnerships RIG, please explore the minutes from the past conference meetings:
Research thru Academic-Clinical Partnerships RIG Annual Report from the 2019 Annual Research Conference
Research thru Academic-Clinical Partnerships RIG minutes from the 2018 Annual Research Conference
Research thru Academic-Clinical Partnerships RIG minutes from the 2017 Annual Research Conference
Research thru Academic-Clinical Partnerships RIG minutes from the 2016 Annual Research Conference

Member in the Spotlight
Timothy Gaspar, PhD, RN

Dr. Timothy Gaspar was appointed Dean and Professor of the School of Nursing at Cleveland State University in July 2016.  An expert in nursing education, research and health policy, Dr. Gaspar has worked in partnership with and advised a wide range of organizations including higher education institutions, health-care providers and nursing accreditation/review organizations.  He served two terms on the Board of Directors of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) and was a member of the founding accreditation review board for the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).  He has been the Principal Investigator, Co-Principal Investigator or institutional partner for research projects totaling over $12.85 million in funding.  His research interest began with his Master’s thesis work on “Relationships of circadian timing of daily hormonal and physiological profiles of patients who have suffered surgical trauma”.  Mentors encouraged him to disseminate his work and that of collaborative colleagues.  MNRS was one of the organizations that helped him meet that goal with his first presentation at the 1989 MNRS Annual Conference entitled “Nursing home residents’ function: A three and one half-year longitudinal study”.  He has been a member since that time and was supportive of his scholarship and publications through its many forms of networking, connections and dissemination of research for his colleagues, students, and himself.  As dean, he mentors and supports faculty, students, and alumni and helps them overtly experience MNRS.  His membership in Academic-Research Partnerships RIG is to identify nurse scholars who will support the research and scholarship mission that he facilitates to excited the aforementioned groups no matter where he has served as dean during the last 24 years and 14 years as faculty and chair.

Prior to his appointment at CSU, Dr. Gaspar served as Dean at two sister Universities, Department Chair, faculty, and staff nurse serving academe for 38 years.  Dr. Gaspar received his PhD in Nursing from the University of Utah; MSN from the University of Nebraska Medical Center; and BS in Nursing from South Dakota State University.  Dr. Gaspar and his wife, Dr. Phyllis Gaspar, are new Grandparents of Rosalie Faith Ehrhorn.  “The best thing about being a parent is becoming a grandparent”.