RIIG Guaranteed and Competitive Symposia

*Please note, this is the deadline for the finalized symposium session to be submitted by the RIIG chair(s). Individual abstracts should be emailed directly to the RIIG chair for consideration.

To see specific RIIG calls for abstracts and their individual submission deadlines, reference the RIIG Call for Abstracts page. 

Pre-Conference Workshops

Pre-Conference Workshops are sessions designed for the critical and in-depth examination of a phenomenon or a focused area of nursing research and the compilation of those findings into a venue for the generation of new knowledge for nursing. Pre-Conference Workshops are structured to provide didactic information on a particular topic.

  • Half-day workshops are allotted 3.5 hours and are presented in two sections with one 15-minute break.
  • Full-day workshops are allotted 7 hours and are presented in 4 sections with two 15-minute breaks and a break for lunch.

    Pre-Conference Workshops will be held virtually prior to the conference. If preference to hold the workshop in person, it would be held on Wednesday, February 28, 2024.

Special Sessions


Special sessions are typically organized by the Board or special groups that address member interests.
Examples include Mid-Career Scholar's, Junior Faculty, Journal Editor's, Big Ten Deans' Presentation, or the MNRS Associate Deans for Research. 

Competitive Abstracts


Research and Evidence-Based Practice/Quality Improvement Project Abstracts may be submitted. When submitting, you may choose if you would like your abstract considered for a paper session, poster discussion, 20x20 presentation, postcard presentation, or poster session.  Paper presentations are 12 minutes in length followed by 3 minutes of discussion. Please note the number of paper presentations accepted is limited.


All Deadlines are 5:00 PM ET.


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