Population Health


The focus of the Population Health RIIG is to advance nursing knowledge related to public health nursing, community health nursing and nurse managed centers. The membership consists of researchers and clinicians who share a common interest in expanding the research evidence base for community and population based health interventions in order to improve practice and policy.

Who Should Join

We invite members from across the research spectrum. Novice level students, entry level PhD and DNP professionals are as welcome as seasoned, experienced, funded and published researchers. We are an open-minded group without bias for a specific philosophical orientation. We aspire to quality research to build knowledge and science.

RIIG Communication

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Meet the RIIG Leadership


Elizabeth Bien, PhD, MSN, RN
Research Fellow, Cincinnati Children's Hospital

Past Chair

Dongjuan (Donna) Xu, PhD, RN
Assistant Professor, Purdue University



Grants Representative



2021-2022 RIIG Award Winners

The Population Health RIIG is proud to announce the following award opportunities to the RIIG membership:

Nominations are now closed and award recipients will be announced at the 2022 Annual Research Conference outside the Chicago area in Schaumburg, IL. If you have questions regarding the RIIG Awards, please be sure to email the RIIG Chair or contact the Executive Office at 615-432-0098 or info@mnrs.org


Overall/Long Term Goals

Our goal is not only to increase membership, but to mentor one another so as to promote a research agenda consistent with Quad Council (ACHNE, ANA, APHA, & ASTDN) recommendations in an ever changing health care system so as to fill knowledge gaps and develop strong evidence that cultivates healthy communities among diverse populations.

The members of this section meet yearly at the annual MNRS conference. An e-mail database supports communication among section members. Members are at various stages in their research programs and include undergraduate and graduate students, as well as faculty and other nurse researchers.

RIIG Minutes/Meeting Summary

If you are interested in learning more about the Population Health RIIG, please explore the minutes from the past meetings:
Population Health RIIG Annual Report from the 2021 Annual Research Conference
Population Health RIIG Annual Report from the 2020 Annual Research Conference

Population Health RIIG Annual Report from the 2019 Annual Research Conference

Population Health RIIG minutes from the 2018 Annual Research Conference
Population Health RIIG Minutes from the 2017 Annual Research Conference

Member in the Spotlight


RIIG Member Research Updates

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