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To advance the science of nursing education

Who Should Join?

Those interested in discussing, disseminating, collaborating, and researching nursing educational teaching and learning strategies and pedagogies

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Meet the RIG Leadership

Co-Chair and
Grants Representative

Patti Varga, PhD, MSN, RN, CNE
Professor, Alverno College 


Diane Marcyjanik, PhD, RN
Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin 


Rhoda Owens, PhD, RN
Assistant Professor, University of North Dakota


Linda Macera-Di Clemente

Grants Representative

Diane M. Forsyth, PhD, RN
Professor, Winona State University Rochester 

2018-2019 RIG Awards 

Nursing Education is proud to announce the following award opportunities to the RIG membership:

  • Advancement of Science Award
  • Outstanding Dissertation Award
  • Outstanding DNP Project Award

Nominations are now closed.  Winner will be announced at the 43rd Annual Research Conference in Kansas City, MO.  Please plan to join us for the full conference and the Nursing Education RIG meeting.


2018-2019 Goals

  1. Increase visibility with a symposia
  2. Improve networking, collaboration, communication, and make it more user friendly for the purpose of mentoring and enhanced funding mechanisms and multi-site research:
    1. MNRS Matters (eNewsletter)
    2. LinkedIn
    3. Listserv (group email)
  3. Refinement of measurement tools in education
  4. Discussions formatted around topic specificity

Overall/Long Term Goals

  • Foster a collaborative research interest for nursing education and highlight trends in nursing education.
  • Generate translational/applied science for best practices in nursing education.
  • Stay in touch with national trends related to research and evidence-based teaching for nursing education

Recent Activities/Highlights

Awards were given to the following during the education RIG meeting in Milwaukee:

  • Dr. Gloria Brummer, RN, DNP – Outstanding DNP Award
  • Janet Levey RN PhD – Outstanding Dissertation Award
  • Sherrill J. Smith RN, PhD for Advancement of Science (she also did a brief overview of her research work)

Click here to view the January 2017 newsletter

RIG Minutes/Meeting Summary

If you are interested in learning more about the Nursing Education RIG, please explore the minutes from the past meetings:
Nursing Education RIG minutes from the 2016 Annual Research Conference