Health Systems, Policy & Informatics


The purpose of the Health Systems, Policy and Informatics RIIG is to support, encourage, and improve the quality of nursing research in the areas of health systems, information technology, policy, and quality and safety.

Examples of health systems research include administration, management, leadership, implementation and evaluation of best practices. Examples of policy research includes: policy development, implementation and adherence at the local and national levels, as well as effective use of data in the public policy process. Topics related to information and technology include knowledge management, IT application and evaluation, as well as IT utilization for educational and training purposes. Examples of quality and safety topics include performance measures, sustainable interventions and practices, and innovative research methodologies.

*The topics noted above are not all inclusive, rather examples of research areas included in the new research interest group. 

Who Should Join?

Students, practitioners, faculty, and scientists at any level with an interest in Health Systems, Policy, and/or Informatics are encouraged to join.

RIIG Communication

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HSPI RIIG Newsletter – November 2019 Issue
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Meet the RIIG Leadership


Nancy J. Beale, MSN, RN-BC
Student, University of Wisconsin – Madison


Yun Jiang, PhD, RN, MS
Assistant Professor, University of Michigan


Jeana Holt, PhD, RN, APNP, DNP, FNP-BC
Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee


Nai-Ching (Allison) Chi, PhD
Assistant Professor, University of Iowa

Past Chair 

Robin Austin, DNP, RN-BC, DC
Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota

Past Chair 

Kimberly Powell, PhD, RN
Assistant Professor, University of Missouri

Grant Representative

2022 RIIG Call for Symposia 

The Health Systems, Policy, & Informatics RIIG is proud to announce the following Calls for Abstracts for the 2022 Annual Research Conference in Schaumburg, IL, March 30 – April 2, 2022: 

Guaranteed Symposia 

Health Systems, Policy, & Informatics RIIG: Generating New Knowledge and Advancing Innovative Solutions through Nursing Research   

Please be sure to visit the RIIG Groupsite discussion board to ask questions or seek guidance from the RIIG Chair/RIIG Symposia Committee. 

All abstracts should be submitted directly to the email listed in the Call for Abstracts linked above. 

Opens: June 28, 2021
Closes: July 23, 2021 

2020-2021 RIIG Awards


Our goal for the upcoming year include increase membership engagement via virtual meetings throughout the year.

  • Networking: Provide a network to exchange novel/emerging methods, approaches to study, and the development of new knowledge to guide nursing research in health systems, information technology, policy, and quality and safety.
  • Knowledge: Explore novel/emerging methods, approaches to study, and the development of new knowledge to guide nursing research in health systems, information technology, policy, and quality and safety.
  • Practice: Draw upon and build stronger evidence to make informed healthcare decisions and highlight the importance of translating and disseminating health systems, policy, and informatics research to impact nursing leadership, clinical nursing, and federal and state policy makers.
    • Continue the quarterly newsletter
    • Develop two competitive symposia
    • Add mid-career award
    • Offer an award for every award category offered
    • Improve participation/engagement of RIIG members in activities inside and with other members of the RIIG.
    • Increase membership and retention
    • Increase member participation in dissemination research notes and nominating colleagues for member spotlights


RIIG Minutes/Meeting Summary 

If you are interested in learning more about the Health Systems, Policy, and Informatics RIIG, please explore the minutes from the past meetings:
Health Systems, Policy and Informatics RIIG Annual Report from the 2020 Annual Conference
Health Systems, Policy and Informatics RIIG Annual Report from the 2019 Annual Conference

Health Systems, Policy and Informatics RIIG Minutes from the 2017 Annual Conference

Health Systems, Policy and Informatics RIIG Minutes from the 2016 Annual Conference

Member in the Spotlight

Dr. Ellen Harper, DNP, RN-BC, MBA, FAAN
The University of Kansas, School of Nursing

Dr. Ellen Harper has made significant contributions to the field of biomedical informatics. Her keen interest in Health IT and secondary use of data has produced innovative technologies, patents, and
methodologies designed to answer questions about clinical and operational safety and quality. As an advocate to achieve the Quadruple Aim (better care, better health, lower costs, and improving
caregivers’ experience) Dr. Harper is dedicated to rigorous foundational and applied research, effective translation of research to practice, and development with adoption of interoperability standards. Since 2013, Ellen has co-led a national expert workgroup “Nursing Value”, sponsored by Nursing Knowledge Big Data Science Initiative hosted by Dr Connie Delaney and the University of Minnesota. Working with Dr. John Welton at the University of Colorado they have developed strategic work products (data model, data dictionary, user stories) used to identify, measure, and analyze nursing value from electronic databases. Their pilot study has successfully extracted, transformed and loaded data from multiple electronic
systems to explore the data in new ways not available when viewing data from one source at a time. The emerging capability
within EHR systems to link individual nurses and other providers directly to patients will allow more detailed analysis of cost, quality, outcomes, performance, effectiveness, and efficiency of care.

Currently, Dr. Harper has a faculty appointment at the University of Kansas School of Nursing within the Center for Health Informatics. Her research includes big data science practices, workforce, and evidence-based practice. Prior to joining the University of Kansas (2017), she served as the VP, Chief Nursing Officer at Cerner Corporation in Kansas City. During her
time in industry she focused on clinicians’ accessibility to patient information across the care continuum, implementation science, and ensuring that technology enhances the end-user experience.

An accomplished writer with multiple peer reviewed published articles and book chapters she has lectured extensively in the United States and around the world. Dr. Harper is a registered nurse and board-certified in informatics, holds a doctorate in
nursing practice executive leadership, and a master’s in business. Dr. Harper is active in numerous HIT related organizations and is a fellow of the American Academy of Nurses.