Family Health


The purpose of the Family Health RIG is to advance family science by facilitating networking and partnerships between members, fostering the quality of the research conducted to advance family science, and facilitating dissemination of the research of section members. The Family Health RIG will continue to provide continuity as a “intellectual home and center of connectedness” for a core of nurse researches committed to extending family science.

Who Should Join?

Researchers interested in family health research

RIG Communication

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Meet the RIG Leadership for 2019 – 2020


Monique Ridosh, PhD, RN 
Assistant Professor, Loyola University Chicago


Kim Whitmore, PhD, RN, CPN 
Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin – Madison


Valerie Toly, PhD, RN 
Assistant Professor, Case Western Reserve University

Past Chair

Kristen Abbott-Anderson, PhD, RN, MS, BS
Assistant Professor, Minnesota State University – Mankato

Grants Representative

Wendy Looman, PhD, APRN, CPNP-PC, MS, BS
Professor, University of Minnesota

2019-2020 RIG Awards

The Family Health RIG is proud to announce the following award opportunities to the RIG membership:

Please be sure to attend the RIG meeting at the 2020 Annual Research Conference to learn more about the award recipients. 

2018-2019 RIG Awards

Family Health:
Early Career Investigator Award
Heather K. Hardin, PhD, RN
Case Western Reserve University

Family Health:
Mid-Career Investigator Award
Valerie Toly, PhD, RN
Case Western Reserve University

Family Health:
Dissertation Award
Natalie McAndrew, PhD, RN
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee




2019 – 2020 Goals

  • Get all members ORCID to track members publications
  • Develop a shared document that includes members name, research focus, and link to profile

Overall/Long Term Goals

  • Determine strategies to foster cutting edge family research from all perspectives among MNRS members and beyond (e.g., other regional groups).
  • Explore new technologies to connect RIG members to collaborators both within and outside of the RIG to address needed expertise, to develop synergies, to offer mutual support and to form effective teams.
  • Provide recognition for excellence in research in family with the following awards: Senior Investigator/New Investigator (every other year) and dissertation award (yearly).
  • Plan and conduct a pre-conference focused on family science on a 4-5 year cycle (unique challenges/opportunities in family research such as: family across the lifespan, design, research strategies, intervention science, complexity of methodologies to address family science analysis, patient/family centered outcomes or comparative effectiveness which focuses on family centered outcomes).
  • Plan and submit for consideration, symposium (guaranteed or open) for the MNRS meeting and/or international family meeting(s). Promote intra-professional and inter-professional family research projects.
  • Increase visibility and enhance the image of family health nursing practice

Recent Activities/Highlights


MNRS Family RIG members attending the International Family Nursing Conference in Pamplona Spain.
Pictured: Sandra Eggenberger, Joan Totka, Rachel Schiffman, Kathy Sawin, Marilyn Swan, Norah Johnson, and Monique Ridosh.

RIG Minutes/Summary

If you are interested in learning more about the Family Health RIG, please explore the minutes from the past meetings:
Family Health RIG Annual Report from the 2019 Annual Research Conference
Family Health RIG minutes from the 2019 Annual Research Conference
Family Health RIG minutes from the 2018 Annual Research Conference
Family Health RIG minutes from the 2017 Annual Research Conference
Family Health RIG minutes from the 2016 Annual Research Conference