Acute & Critical-Care Across The Life Span


The purpose of this RIIG is to foster collaboration among nurse-scientists and clinical scholars, and collectively contribute to the advancement of science that underpins the nursing care of acutely and critically-ill patients and their families across the life span and health-care settings. The reorganization of this section reflects current issues and trends affecting the care provided for these patients in the hospitals, long-term care facilities, transport/mobile ICUs, urgent care centers, and homes.

Who Should Join?

Nurse scientists, clinicians, nursing students

RIIG Communication

Groupsite Community Networking Platform:

Meet the RIIG Leadership


Anna Krupp, PhD, RN, CCRN
Assistant Professor, University of Iowa


Stacey Sears, MSN, RN, CPNP-AC
University of Michigan;

Past Chair

Kelly Calkins, PhD, RN, CCRN
Assistant Professor, University of Nebraska Medical Center

Grants Representative

Julie Kennedy, PhD, CMSRN
Assistant Professor, Millikin University

Grants Representative

Susan Dresser, PhD, MSN, CCRN, APRN-CNS
Assistant Professor, University of Oklahoma

2021-2022 RIIG Awards

The Acute & Critical Care Across the Lifespan RIIG is proud to announce the following award opportunities to the RIIG membership:

Please be sure to visit the RIIG Award submission site to nominate a fellow RIIG member today.

Opens:  October 7, 2021
Closes:  December 3, 2021, by 5pm EST

If the above link does not load quickly, you can access the RIIG Award Nomination site by accessing the main MNRS conference submission site:

  • Login using your email address and personal password.
  • Click on the Submissions box.
  • Access My Dashboard
  • Submit RIIG Award

If you continue to have issues, please be sure to call the Executive Office at 615-432-0098 or email

Annual Goals

1. Increase RIG membership (increase by 15% or 10-15 new members)
2. Maintain award applications
3. Submit for a competitive symposium in 2022.
4. Increase social media communication via Groupsite and Twitter
5. Provide greater mentorship in our RIG through ‘Meet the Professor/Senior Scientist Sessions’ at quarterly RIG video meetings

Overall/Long Term Goals

To engage members in the development, implementation, and dissemination of research and scholarships.

  1. Create a collaborative network among RIG members to share current research projects, areas of science, and opportunities for collaboration.
  2. Cultivate new generations of scientists through mentor-mentee relationships.
  3. Engage members in scholarly dialogue to identify and address barriers and challenges in the development and implementation of research projects and new knowledge in acute and critical care research through guaranteed or competitive symposia.
  4. Recognize scholarly achievements among students, clinicians, faculty, and researchers.
  5. Support the mission, vision, and strategic directions of the MNRS.

RIIG Minutes/Summary

If you are interested in learning more about the Acute & Critical Care RIIG, please explore the minutes from the past meetings:
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