2018 Annual Conference Pre-Conference Workshops

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Full Day Workshops - 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

WS1 Structural Equation Modeling for Fun and Entertainment
Intermediate Level
Structural equation modeling (SEM) can be used to develop theoretically sound statistical models and analyze the causal interrelationships among predictors of health outcomes. This workshop will teach nurse researchers about SEM and provide a hands-on experience in SEM statistical modeling and analysis. Nurse researchers will learn a rigorous approach to developing and testing statistical models, selecting variables of importance, interpreting results, and determining a model’s goodness of fit. The workshop will also provide a comprehensive and step-by-step process to building conceptual and analytic models that can be incorporated into research grants, dissertations, and manuscripts.

WS2 Implementation Science: Models, Methods and Measurement
Intermediate Level
What is implementation science? Do you want to conduct research on implementation of evidence-based
healthcare practices in a variety of real world settings? Are you an implementation scientist who would like to discuss challenges encountered in your research? If these questions are of interest to you, then come join us at this interactive pre-conference workshop to learn about research methods for implementation science, and to discuss challenges in this scientific field of inquiry. Teaching methods include didactic presentations, guided discussions, small group exercises, and questions and answers sessions. Examples of implementation studies will be used to illustrate key points.

Half Day Workshops

8:30 AM - 12:00 PM

WS3 Clinical Research in Acute and Critical Care: Strategies for Success
Introductory/Intermediate Level
This interactive workshop will provide practical guidance for successful implementation, conduct, and completion of clinical research in acute care settings. Challenges to be addressed include site access, recruitment, Institutional Review Board (IRB) issues, ethical considerations, and retention. Breakout sessions will allow discussion of specific research challenges faced by workshop participants.

WS4 Toolbox for Collecting and Integrating Environmental and Occupational Exposure Data
Intermediate Level
This interactive workshop will introduce methodologies and publicly available tools to measure environmental and occupational exposures. Activities will include didactic presentations on the principles of environmental exposures and measurement tools, small group facilitated exercise to learn more in-depth about specific environmental monitoring methodologies, and application to participants’ program of research.

Half Day Workshops

1:00 PM - 4:30 PM

WS5 Moving from your Doctoral Degree to the ‘Real World’: Nuts and Bolts of Degree Completion, Post-Degree Options, and Career Cartography
Introductory Level
This interactive workshop will provide strategies for success across the spectrum; from doctoral degree completion to postdoctoral to faculty and clinically-based nurse scientist positions. Hands-on experience with career cartography creation, developing your own productivity pipeline with publications and grants, interviewing strategies and networking tips will all be included! Join us!

WS6 Data Science: Overview, Methods, Applications and Important Considerations for Nursing Research
Introductory Level
Have you ever wondered how “data science” and “big data” can be used in nursing research? The Data Science Overview workshop will explain what data science is, the data science process, data science analytic techniques, data visualization, and the several roles nurses may assume in data science research projects.