WJNR is the Official Journal of MNRS.  The Western Journal of Nursing Research (WJNR) is a journal devoted to the dissemination of research studies, book reviews, discussion and debate, and meeting calendars, all directed to a general nursing audience.

Since its inception more than two decades ago, WJNR has risen to the challenges of the ever-changing nursing research field, providing an innovative forum for nurse researchers, students and clinical practitioners to participate in ongoing scholarly debate.

Each issue of WJNR offers clinical research reports broadened by commentaries and authors’ responses. Participation is invited through reviews, commentaries, and research papers as well as submissions to the department editors and Letters to the Editor in the Information Exchange section.


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WJNR Special Edition


The editor for the Western Journal of Nursing Research is soliciting manuscripts for a special issue focused on childbearing among Black women. Dr. Carmen Giurgescu, Professor and Associate Dean for Research at the University of Central Florida, College of Nursing, is the guest editor for this special issue.

The population of interest is pregnant and postpartum Black women.

The following manuscript types will be considered: research reports, methodology articles, and literature reviews.

Potential topics include:

  • Experiences of racial discrimination
  • Health inequity
  • Neighborhood environment
  • Mental health (e.g., depressive symptoms)
  • Biological mechanisms
  • COVID-19
  • Social support
  • Breastfeeding
  • Pregnancy and birth outcomes (e.g., preeclampsia, preterm birth)
  • Prenatal and postpartum care

Other relevant topics are welcome.

The deadline for manuscript submission is January 4, 2021. All papers will be submitted at Western Journal of Nursing Research information for authors is available at the submission site.

2020 Best Paper Awards

Sage Best Faculty Paper Award
Sage Best Graduate Student Paper Award


The purpose of this award is to recognize outstanding scientific manuscript contributions to WJNR by members of the Midwest Nursing Society.  This annual award will be conferred to two manuscripts, one with a faculty member as first author and one with a graduate student as first author.  The winner of each of these awards will be presented with a $500 prize by Sage Publishing.



  1. First author must be a member of MNRS in good standing at the time of submission of the award application.
  2. A presentation of the research has to have been made in the form of a poster, paper or symposium at a previous MNRS Annual Research Conference.
  3. The award application manuscript must meet the publication guidelines of WJNR
  4. The award application manuscript must complete a competitive review for scientific merit that is consistent with the award evaluation criteria.



Potential award recipients will be solicited from the MNRS membership through: electronic communications from the Board of Directors, the Research Section Chairs, and the WJNR Advisory Board. Additional contacts may occur from these same groups at the Annual Conference
June 1: Deadline for manuscript submission
July 1: Review of all submissions completed and winners notified
August 1: Winners names will be published on the MNRS website.
Fall: Winning manuscripts will be scheduled to published in the next available edition of WJNR


Evaluation criteria:

All award submissions will be evaluated on the same criteria:

  • Significance of the work
  • Support for the work from literature and theoretical framework if appropriate
  • Purpose/aims and hypotheses/research questions are logical extensions of the literature review and theoretical framework if appropriate
  • Methods address the hypotheses/research aims
  • Soundness of the methodology (e.g. attempts made to minimize internal and external validity threats)
  • Analysis addresses the hypotheses/research questions
  • Interpretations of analysis are appropriate
  • Hypotheses/research questions are addressed in the discussion
  • Conclusion includes implications for practice, theory development and future research


CLICK HERE for additional information and to access the required face sheet.


Submit all materials electronically by midnight June 1, 2020:

Robert Topp, PhD, RN Professor
University of Toledo, College of Nursing
3000 Arlington Ave. Mail Stop 1026
Toledo, Ohio 43614
(419) 383-5852