2023 RIIG Calls for Abstracts

Below are the 2023 RIIG Calls for Abstracts: Competitive and Guaranteed Symposia

Acute & Critical Care Across the Lifespan Nursing Education
Adolescent Health Palliative & End-of-Life-Care
Family Health Perinatal, Sexual, & Reproductive Health
Gerontological Nursing Science #1
Qualitative Methods
Gerontological Nursing Science #2 Research thru Academic-Clinical Partnerships
Health of Diverse Population Self-Care
Strategic Plan for Call
Health Systems, Policy & Informatics Symptom Science

Guaranteed Symposia

Acute & Critical Care Across the Lifespan: Leading the way: Innovations in acute & critical care research and implementation
Family Health: Building relationships to enhance family health: Engaging stakeholders, community partners, and families in research
Gerontological Nursing Science: Navigating Life Transitions for Older Adults: Stages and Settings
Gerontological Nursing Science: Older Adults Connection to Society: The Importance of Engagement
Nursing Education: Measurement and Assessment Techniques to Enhance the Science of Nursing Education
Symptom Science: To Infinity and Beyond: Symptom Science from Mechanism to Intervention
Self-Care: Advancing Self-Care Science through the Research Lenses of the NINR 2022-2026 Strategic Plan

Competitive Symposia:

Adolescent Health: Navigating Challenges and Prioritizing Innovation in Adolescent and Young Adult Health Research
Health of Diverse Populations: Leading the way: The critical importance of nursing science and implementation in a new era
Health Systems, Policy & Informatics RIIG: Leveraging Digital Health Data to Advance Health Science, Improve Clinical Outcomes, and Inform Policy Decisions
Palliative & End-of-Life Care RIIG: Enhancing access to Palliative/End of life Care: Innovations, Identifying Challenges, Overcoming Barriers
Perinatal, Sexual, & Reproductive Health RIIG: Paying it forward: Intergenerational and Epigenetic Influences on Health
Qualitative Methods RIIG: Leveraging Qualitative Methods and Design to Innovate, Create, and Implement Novel Health Solutions in the New Nursing Science Era
Research Thru Academic-Clinical Partnerships RIIG: Partnerships for Constant Collaboration and Supported Sustainability

No Call Listed

Health Promoting Behaviors Across the Lifespan
Physiology, Genomics, Behavior, & Society RIIG
Population Health


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